Outdoor Activity Guide to Melbourne

People enjoy a vacation in different ways. Some like sightseeing only; whereas others want an adventure-packed holiday. If you love adventure and doing outdoor activities, then this guide will be useful.

Here we are going to discuss the various outdoor activities you can do in Melbourne.

Melbourne has lovely vineyards and wineries. If you enjoy drinking wine and beer, then it’s worth visiting the various breweries and wineries found here.

It will be an amazing experience for you to see the grapes that are grown and how they are processed to make the wine you get in the market. You can go on a day tour to one of the wine regions of Melbourne.

Outdoor Activity Guide to Melbourne 1 - Outdoor Activity Guide to Melbourne

Have you been on a hot air balloon before? Then it’s your chance to experience this awesome flight. With the tranquil sky above you, it can be a breathtaking experience to stand in the basket of the massive hot air balloon and view the wonderful nature below.

You will see the suburbs, hills, city, and water. You can snap lovely pictures from above and they will become your life-long treasure.

If you like the adrenaline rush experience and want to experience something different, then you should try rap jumping. You need to jump off a seven-storey building using just a freestyle rope three times!

You must be face down and you can control your speed. For an even more thrilling experience, you can try it during night-time.

Skydiving is another experience you can try. You can take a leap from 15,000 feet and you will be diving over the beach and falling over St. Kilda. It will be a 60 seconds experience only, but you will remember it for a lifetime.

Phillip Island in Melbourne is famous for watching the penguin parade. Here you can see the penguins in their natural setting. You can see these penguins march past you through various viewing points.

Head towards the Dandenong Ranges for tree adventures. You will be moving through canopies using ropes. There are lots of exciting challenges that you can try. You will have more fun if you go with a group.

Safari at the Werribee Zoo is another adventurous trip you can have in Melbourne. You will see some of the popular wild animals in their natural habitat. There are tour operators who can take you there.

These outdoor activities and adventure trips will become a great memory. You will enjoy talking about it with your friends when you get back home.